Who Are We?

Animation has been headlining as “A Tribute to RUSH” since their first show in March, 1987 at “Chances R” in Palatine, IL. Animation is a Chicago based 3 Piece RUSH Tribute Band. They are 3 RUSH fanatics who’s attention to the details and nuances of RUSH music allow them to re-create an extremely accurate rendition of the original trio’s music. The band covers ALL eras of Rush, from the first album, to their latest CD.

They have played many shows, and concerts including opening for The Scorpions, The Doobie Bros., Heart, Asia, Peter Frampton, and STYX.

They even played an adjacent stage from RUSH for 10,000 RUSH fans, TWICE!




From: Born long ago in a galaxy far, far away (they call it “Chicago, Illinois” – the ‘s’ is silent)

Member Since: July, 2009

History: Tony can play guitar, banjo, and a little ukulele. His greatest influences were awesome acts like The Monkees, The Singing Nun, Tiny Tim, and Greg Brady. Of course, he sounds nothing like them but could if he wanted to! He has been playing guitar since Jimmy Carter was president (ouch!). There have been too many bands in his past to count but they ranged in almost every style except country (thank goodness!).

Guitars: PRS Custom 24, Fender Stratocaster, Martin EM-10 Electric (yes friends, a Martin electric guitar from 1980), Ibanez Junior Les Paul, Taylor 814-CE acoustic guitar, Yamaha classical guitar. I also use an Epiphone 335 on loan for many of the older songs. I also use a Gibson12 string acoustic for the song Hope when we play it. Sorry, I don’t own a banjo…yet.

Effects and things: Fractal FX8 Mark II for all of my effects needs, two Fractal Control Pedals (one to the Fractal, one to the Kemper), Roland PK-5A Dynamic Midi Pedals, Reason Essentials is run on my MacBook Pro for all synth and sample sounds, Shure GLX-D Wireless Pedal/Tuner, Countryman and Radial DI’s. My trusty iPad plays whatever tracks we need to play along with (mostly from Rush’s “keyboard” era).

Amps and stuff: I use a Kemper Profiler for all of my amp sounds. It is an amazing piece of equipment in that I can replicate amps from all of the Rush eras. Since Alex used many different ones over the decades, I can get eerily close. I use the Fractal FX8 to control the Kemper via MIDI. If it all works right, and I pray real hard, all the sound man has to do is connect to the XLR’s and away we go!




Hometown: Bellwood, IL

Member Since: February, 2011

Gear: Premier Drums, DW Drums and hardware, Sabian Cymbals, Vic Firth or Vater drum sticks, Roland TD12 V-Drums, Octopad

History: Julian Jay has been playing drums since he was just 4 years old. He attended his first RUSH concert in 1982 at the age of 8 and fell irrevocably in love with the loud, exciting, vibration-heavy music. As a result of that concert, the band’s incredible brilliance became a major influence on Julian Jay’s musical taste and playing style. so much so that even his young son asks for YYZ whenever he hears his dad play (he’s starting the boy’s education young!). Julian has an encyclopedic knowledge of Rush’s music as well as a diversity of others. He has played in bands offering nearly every style of music, except techno pop and country.



Member Since: March, 2017

I’ll tell ya! I’ve been a professional musician and music educator in the Chicagoland area for a number of years. I began my musical training on violin and piano, but expanded my abilities by singing and learning guitar, bass and drums during my high school years. Though I usually perform as a bass guitarist. I also perform as a guitarist and singer. I’ve taught and performed on all the above instruments (and other odds and ends) steadily for over 20 years.

As a musician / performer, I run my own live karaoke band (well over 1000 songs, all makes and models) and gig with several other bands of different genres, performing a wide variety of styles including but not limited to rock, jazz, latin, and praise music.

A few highlights of the bands I’ve performed with will include: The Dustin Parker Band, Voices, Alter Ego, Off The Leash, Posin’ (Poison tribute), BUMP (https://youtu.be/ZsO9L7llHSI), Joe Friday, Planet Groove (aka Ben and the Gentlemen) and my karaoke group Sing With The Band.